Visual Arts/Media Technology

Skills for the Visual Arts Program


Identify Hazards and Safe Practices in the Workplace

Maintains clean and safe work area and classroom

Examine careers in art-related Fields

Understand the range of possibilities within the career field, determine where their skills and abilities fit within that range

Cultivate attributes essential for working in the art: attention to detail, stamina, and self- discipline

Respond to the work of a living artist

Observe an exhibition and report on it orally and/or in writing

Provide examples of ways to alter a work schedule to allow for more job sharing among two or more employees

Work collaboratively in leadership roles and as members of a team

Identify rubrics with criteria for assessment of individual art works

Participate in a panel discussion on a topic related to the arts

Plan a two-week activity that requires tasks to be divided among students or coworkers, including determining priorities and following timelines

Critique final work in class setting


Locate the basic components of a computer system and state their uses

Navigate the Internet through search engines

Use the local network to communicate and send files

Organize files and folders

Take the proper steps to make an inoperative printer work

Evaluate why a school computer, ipod, ipad, or other digital device is not working


Create a series of drawings/paintings that demonstrate competency in a wide range of media

Execute descriptive, accurate drawings/painitngs based on observation

Identify and use drawing tools skillfully

draw the human head proportionately


Use appropriate terminology - camera parts, card readers, apeture, etc.

Show proper camera and lighting set-up

Modify photograph through photo editing software


Demonstrate the use of the elements and priniciples of art

Compare how ideas are communicated through the use of the elements and principles of art in diverse artwork

Apply mathematical terminology to design, proportion, scale, perspective

Recognize a problem and design steps to solve the problem

Evaluate a variety of options suggested, select an option, explain the reason for the selection, and provide the strategies for implementation

Give and accept constructive criticism in a group project

Evaluage and discuss what makes a website effective

Brainstorm ideas to create a personal website

Choose portfolio artwork, links, artist statements, etc. to use in personal website

Design a website using appropriate technology and computer applications

Present website in a class critique

Create a slide show on the VAM Website


Analyze existing logo designs

Brainstorm, apply and evaluate logo ideas through thumbnail sketches

Create logo using appropriate technology and computer applications


View and discuss documentary about advertising

Employ electronic media to communicate visual ideas and promotional/advertising campaigns

Create packaging mock-ups

Compare and contrast raster and vector images


Use Related Terminology

Create a Video or Animation storyboard for a short video or animation

Produce a Video or an Animation using a logical sequence of shots

Evaluate the footage/transitions/Audio/Text and problem solve as needed

Employ Scientific Theory and Critical Thinking Skills throughout the editing process

Demonstrate key framing and use of a timeline

Develop a visual presentation using visual aids to explain how something operates or a “how to”.


Design a floor plan/layout for a home with an art studio (graphics, music, architecture or illlustration studio)

demonstarte the use of graph paper and its grid

use the computer to redraw the plan view in a 3D computer program

select appropriate colors, flooring, finish designing the house


Discuss copyright laws and how the apply to art, photography and music

Explain royalty-free and fair use regulations

Show behaviors that comply with social, legal, and ethical requirements of the arts


Assemble a body of original work that demonstrates competence in the professional practices of a specific career

Create original works that demonstrate that they are adventurous, courageous, curious, imaginative, independent, and inventive

Document activities with photographs, sketchbooks, tapes, videos, or written journals

Display diligence and perseverance in the face of unpleasant tasks

Understand how to manage time and materials efficiently