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This course is designed to expose 11th and 12th  grade college and career-bound students 

to career options and applications in the visual arts fields. After and extensive  introduction 

program during  the first year the students will choose one of the areas of study: 

graphic design, video production,  illustration and animation, photography, or architecture. 

During the second year, students will work on independent projects in their area of study 

(some designed by the student; some assigned by the instructor) and continue learning 

basic design and life skills. Students will complete a five week final project, participate 

in an internship/work study and take a technical endorsement test during their second year.

Areas of Study

•             Color Digital Photography
•             Photo manipulation
•             Product illustration 
•             Portraits
•             Book illustration
•             Magazine illustration
•             Cartooning
•             Fashion Design
Animation and Video Production
•             Cartooning
•             Clay animation
•             Computer Animation
•             Video and Music Production
•             Movie Making
Graphic Design
•             Advertising
•             Poster
•             Brochures
•             Newspaper design
•             cd cover design
•             T-shirt design
•             web-page design 
•             Architecture

•             Interior Design

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