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Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Training

By Matco Electric Corporation

Date: Friday 12/14/2018   8am - Noon

Place: Craven Lounge - Morris Hall - SUNY Oneonta


This 4 hour course is designed for all personnel who work on, around or near any type of electrically energized equipment.  Electrical hazards, proper electrical work practices and procedures, and the safe installation of electrical equipment will be discussed.  This seminar is perfect for those who need refresher training, or those who have had little exposure to proper electrical work practices.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working on or around electrically energized equipment

Facility directors

Maintenance workers



1. Increase your safety awareness

2. Learn the minimum OSHA requirements and how they are applied

3. Be able to spot hazards, avoid accidents, and prevent costly fines

4. Possibly prevent the death or injury of a co-worker or yourself

Free for members of ONC BOCES Safety Risk Mgt.  - $10 for non-ONC SRM attendees

Lunch and morning refreshments included

Please register by clicking HERE


Complete and return the following form by December 10, 2018

Craven Lounge, Morris Hall, SUNY Oneonta

Friday, December 14, 2018   8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Complete and return this form with payment by December 10, 2018 To: Carrie Conklin ONC BOCES 
1914 County Hwy 35 Milford, NY 13807    607.286.7715  Ext.2606

$10 for non-ONC SRM attendees - Free for members of ONC BOCES Safety Risk Mgt.  Lunch and morning refreshments included




General Information

School District

Contact Person

Phone Number


Required by Federal and  State Laws for all employees


Right-to-Know, Hazard Communication, Blood-borne Pathogens



Everyone must complete this training every year. If you are unable to attend your district's scheduled training, please attend at another district or contact our office for further information.

*  On-Line training is available through the Public School Works® program offered through the Safety Risk CoSer.

For further details on purchasing this service, contact our office.

* Right-To-Know Law (Article 48, Section 4800 et sequ Public Health Law & Article 28, Section 875 et sequ of Labor Law).

* Blood borne Pathogens Standard (OSHA Final Rule of 12/06/91- 29 CFR 1910.1030 enforced by NYS DOL).

* Emergency Response Updates (Education Law 2801-a: School Safety Plains, Law 807(1-a), (b): Fire and Emergency Drills).

* Employee Fire Safety Education (Section F406 of the New York State Fire Code)


Remember to schedule all required new custodial training for the new school year by contacting our office.

v                Confined Space

v                Lock Out - Tag Out

v                Personal Protective Equipment

v                2-Hour Asbestos 

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