Emergency Planning and Response

Emergency Planning and Response


Legislation and/or Regulation:

  • Sections 101, 207, 305 and 2801-a of the Education Law and Chapter 181 of the Laws of 2000

  • Section 155.17 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Project SAVE requires school districts to form emergency planning and response teams, and develop both district- wide and building-level School Safety Plans. (This is currently being improved using standardized language consistent with current national emergency response protocols, which simplifies and provides consistent formatting of the critical information necessary to improve rapid response to emergencies.)

 What the SRM Service can do to help:


  • Assistance in writing and revising District-Wide School Safety Plans and Building-Level School Safety Plans, meeting legislative mandates contained in 8 NYCRR Section 155.17.

  • Coordination and/or participation with the District-Wide and/or Building-Level School Safety Teams; Coordination and/or training of District-Wide and/or Building-Level Emergency Response Teams; Coordination with local response agencies for the above drills and exercises; Coordination of documentation and review of drills and exercises.

  • Generation of building and campus maps and diagrams for emergency response plans, teams and personnel.

  • Assistance with Drills and Exercises for practice and testing of the school safety plans; assistance with planning and conducting drills, table top exercises, functional exercises and full response exercises.

  • Mapping and diagramming of school buildings and campuses as a resource for emergency response planning via aerial photography and/or GIS/GPS (Geographic Information System/Global Positioning System). Final product can be distributed on paper, on CDROM, DVD or via the internet.

  • Provide information of workshops or training assistance to support planning efforts. 

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