Regulatory Call List

Regulatory Call List


Regulatory Call List



Department to Call

Issues relevant to Safety/Risk Management

If you are uncertain whether or not the situation is related to Safety/Risk Management, please feel free to call and you will be directed to the correct office.

Safety/Risk Management, ONC BOCES


Josh Reiss' Cell Phone (ONC BOCES)


Fatalities or more than one hospitalization (two or more), work related, PESH Compliance:

Call the Department of Labor within eight hours of receipt of knowledge

Other Labor Laws, Public Employee Safety And Health Issues

Department of Labor

For Delaware and Otsego Counties

For Greene and Schoharie Counties


Tank Tightness Test Failure

Hazardous Waste Spill

Call the Department of Conservation

within 2 hours

NYS Spill Hotline 1-800-457-7362

Albany- 518-402-9543

Foodborne Illness

Epidemic Outbreak Questions


Health Department

Delaware County - 607-746-3166

Greene County - 518-943-6591

Otsego County - 607-547-6458

Schoharie County - 518-295-8365

Annual Emergency Plan Updates

(SAVE Compliance)

New York State Troopers

School and Community Division

For Delaware and Otsego Counties

Trooper Peter Grunder

For Greene County

Trooper Steven Nevel

For Schoharie County

Trooper Michael Anson

Department of Transportation

Buses, Bus Safety, Bus Inspections and Regulations

Main Office of NYS DOT - Albany


Emergency Plan Update

and other

SAVE Compliance issues

Other, such as building structural issues

New York State Education

Facilities Planning


Describe your problem and the operator will route you to the appropriate professional

For any situations which you are unsure of and develop after normal office hours where Safety/Risk assistance is needed you can always call:

Joshua Reiss at : 607-435-4534



You can always go to and click on Services, then on Safety Risk Management where you will find links to all of the regulatory offices.


As you are well aware, there are nearly an infinite number of regulations.  In general, these are the contact numbers, but the situations are too many to list on this sheet, which is meant to be for a general reference point.  The offices listed will be able to direct you to someone who has an answer for you and, as always, if you need anything at all, please call Safety/Risk and  we will direct you to the office that will fit your need.


This sheet is provided to you by Safety/Risk Management, ONC BOCES, Sole Supervisory District of Otsego, Delaware, Schoharie and Greene Counties

updated 12-17-2014