School Safety Audit Checklist 

Schoolsafety is the responsibility of everyone- staff, students, parents, andthe community. An audit is one tool that, if used effectively, canprovide a snapshot of the school's level of safety and identify thoseareas that need improvement. This proactive process will help ensurethat students can maximize their learning potential within a safe andsecure environment. School safety encompasses multiple domains withinthe school environment that must be reviewed altogether when assessingthe level of safety for students and staff.  

Nowfor your use- we have included a Safety Audit Checklist to help assessall your district's interior and exterior areas according to statepolice and the education department. Click on the "clipboard" to getyour checklist.

Howoften should a safety audit be conducted? A complete audit shouldbe conducted every three years, and a review of the identifiedimplementation and improvements noted in the complete audit should beconducted in an annual basis. 

 Annual Visual Structural Inspection

As per Commissioner's Regulations Section 155.4.

Avisual inspection of every occupied public school building shall beconducted annually.  The annual visual inspection shall consist of avisual re-inspection of the components of the building condition surveyfor changes that may have occurred and a review and update of the safetyrating as needed.

Theresults of the annual visual inspection of all occupied buildings shallbe reported to the commissioner on forms prescribed by thecommissioner, shall be signed by the person or persons who conducted theinspection and shall be filed with the commissioner by January15th.  Such reports shall indicate if more frequent inspections andrepairs are necessary to protect the health and safety of students andstaff occupying such school buildings. Annual visual inspection reportsshall be made available to the public.

Fire/Safety Inspections  

  The fire inspections are being performed from April 15th, 2015 and are due June 1st, 2015.

Must be completed each school year as per Commissioner's Regulations Section 155.8 in eleven month cycles.  

Allbuildings which are owned, operated or leased by a public schooldistrict or board of cooperative educational services shall be inspectedfor fire safety at least once annually, pursuant to a scheduledetermined by the commissioner, or at any other time deemed necessary bythe commissioner. The report of the inspection shall be on a formsupplied by the commissioner.

 Building Conditions Survey - 5 year     

Commissioner'sregulations require the survey to be done by a certified architectevery five years,completed by November 15th and submitted by January15th. The next Building Condition Surveys will be due in 2015!


Asbestos Triennial Survey - 3-Year     

 TheFederal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)(40 CFR 763) andthe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require all public andnonpublic elementary and secondary schools to reinspect previouslyidentified and assumed asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) inall facilities which are owned, leased, or otherwise used as a schoolbuilding every three years.


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