Substitute Application and Information

Thank you for applying to be a substitute with the ONC BOCES Substitute Teacher Registry.  This is a service provided to 6 school districts and the ONC BOCES. The Teacher Registry coordinates substitutes recruitment, application process, and ensures applicants have been fingerprinted as required by the NYS Education Department. If you are selected as a substitute, you will be required to pay the fingerprinting fee.  This is a one-time fee and will allow you to substitute in all districts as indicated on your substitute application of employment.  If you are not fingerprinted, information to complete this process can be found at:  

                         New Fingerprinting Information as of July 14, 2017


If you already have a fingerprint clearance from the NYS Education Department, you will not need to be reprinted.

We realize the application is long and requires detailed information,please take the time necessary to complete the entire application accurately. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Below is a brief summary of our process to become a substitute.

1. To ensure proper and speedy processing of your application we recommend applying online  - ONC Online Substitute Application  (Save this on your computer and then complete and send in to HR via email, mail, etc.)


2. The ONC BOCES Teacher Registry will then start processing your references. Please note we will contact any past or present employers listed on your application. 


3.  If you are selected as a substitute you will need to be fingerprinted and cleared.  Your substitute application will be forwarded to the district(s) you selected on the application for final review and board appointment ateach district.


4.  After district board approval, please refer to the form below (Forms required for substitute employment).   This listing indicates the required forms to be completed at each district in which you will be employed. 

The ONC BOCES is recruiting substitutes for the following districts:

Charlotte Valley Central School

Cooperstown Central School

Edmeston Central School

Milford Central School


Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School

Worcester Central School

Please complete the application below and someone will contact you once the application is submitted. You can submit this application electronically via email by selecting the "Submit by Email" button or send to or you can fax it to (607) 588-7022 or mail it to:  ONC BOCES, HR, PO Box 382, Grand Gorge,  NY  12434.

ONC Online Substitute Application (Save this application on your computer and complete and send to HR via email, mail, etc.)


            _____ Employment Eligibility Verification (1-9) - With 2 forms of ID

            _____ W-4 Form (Federal Withholding)


            _____ IT-2105 (State Withholding)


            _____ Retirement System Membership Eligibility Letter and Declination Form

Teachers' Retirement System

Local Employees' Retirement System