Student Spotlight: Health Occupations

Student Spotlight: Health Occupations
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Student Spotlight: Health Occupations

Shawndra Brown is hoping to turn her experience at ONC BOCES Health Occupations program into a career.

Although the focus in that program is mainly on working with patients of the two-legged variety, Brown is planning on working with those of the four-legged variety.

Brown, a senior from Milford Central School, is graduating in June. But her plans are set.

“I am going to do a vet tech program, probably online,” Brown said. “I am planning to start working with a veterinarian.”

A lot of what she has learned in Health Occupations can be directly transferred to the veterinary field, she said.

In fact, she credits the program with sparking her interest in becoming a vet tech.

“It got me into it. One of the spots we went to for clinical rotations was a veterinarian,” Brown said.

Brown said she loves animals and wants to help people make sure there animals are healthy.

“I have two dogs, a cat and a bearded dragon,” she said.

Not only has ONC BOCES helped her find a career path, Brown said she has seen how it has helped other students.

“I’ve met a lot of different people from other schools,” Brown said. “You just get yourself out there in many different fields and get to experience many different things. ”