NCOC Wins Award at Canstruction

NCOC Wins Award at Canstruction
Posted on 04/03/2017
NCOC Wins Award at CanstructionStudents at Northern Catskills Occupational Center believe hunger is a problem worth solving.

To that end, the students from the Engineering and Visual Arts Communication programs collaborated at the 7th Annual Canstruction event at Southside Mall over the weekend.

The event, sponsored by SUNY Oneonta, involves hundreds of pounds of canned goods getting transformed into sculptures. The food will be donated to area food pantries.

NCOC’s entry was a giant Rubik’s cube and utilized 889 cans collected by students.

The Engineering Team included instructor Denise Johnston and students Nick Dorrance, Nick Fallo, Anthony Smith and Dorothy Zeisler. The Visual Arts Team included instructor Lindy Mathisen and social studies teacher Jonah Burness and students Mika Garcia, Danny Lapin and Kristen Truesdell.

The project was sponsored by Jim’s Great American in Prattsville; Fresh Town in Margaretville; NCOC Leadership Club; Tops in Stamford; and Price Chopper in Oneonta.

The idea behind NCOC’s entry, which won the Structural Ingenuity Award, was that individual efforts to fight hunger – like donating a single can  are combined into larger efforts – like holding a food drive – that build upon each other. The Rubik’s cube is a perfect way to symbolize this because the goal in solving it is to figure out the algorithm that leads to each individual square combining into solid colors on each side.

The Engineering Team focused on the structure of the cube, while the Visual Arts Communications students worked on the appearance and signage.