ONC BOCES Students Inducted into NTHS

Sixty ONC BOCES Students Inducted into NTHS
Posted on 03/27/2017
Sixty ONC BOCES Students Inducted into NTHSThe National Technical Honor Society chapters at ONC BOCES have 60 new members.

The inductees were recognized at ceremonies held Wednesday, March 22, at Northern Catskills Occupational Center and Otsego Area Occupational Center.

NTHS requires a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and the nominee must be enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program. Other factors for NTHS membership may include credit hours completed, attendance, instructor nominations, disciplinary records and Career and Technical Student Organization membership.

Congratulations to all of the new inductees!

The purpose of NTHS is to promote:

1. To promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, and skill development among America’s future workforce;
2. To reward scholastic achievement in occupational, vocational and/or technical education;
3. To assist Society Members in their pursuit of career and educational goals;
4. To help to build and maintain a stronger, more positive image for vocational and technical students, programs and schools in the local community and throughout the nation;
5. To encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct and individual responsibility among the membership;
6. To help member schools to initiate and maintain strong working partnerships with local institutions of business, industry and commerce;
7. To hold conferences, workshops and seminars for the education and mutual improvement of the members and to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences through meetings, publications and research; and
8. To advance the growth and ideals of the Society throughout the United States of America.

At NCOC, inductees include:

• Christopher Cabrera-Lopez, Hunter-Tannersville, Culinary Arts
• Rebecca Curless, Stamford, Culinary Arts
• Jacob DeWitt, Gilboa-Conesville, Equipment Operation & Repair
• Silvi Diamond, Jefferson, New Vision Health Care Professions
• Nicholas Fallo, Jefferson, New Vision Pre-Engineering
• Kacie Hymers, Charlotte Valley, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Anna Lam, Margaretville, Building Trades
• Bailey LaTourette, Oneonta, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Gianna Levine, Windham-Ashland-Jewett, Culinary Arts
• Samantha Mace, Charlotte Valley, Cosmetology
• Cassie Maidens, Charlotte Valley, New Visions Health Care
• Abigail Miller, Oneonta, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Akyra Olsen, South Kortright, Cosmetology
• Alexandria Ross, Charlotte Valley, New Visions Health Care
• Kaylee Sanford, Margaretville, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Anthony Smith, Stamford, New Visions Pre-Engineering
• Kaitlyn Smith, Oneonta, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Javin Traver, Gilboa-Conesville, Equipment Operation & Repair
• Brianna Utter, Oneonta, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Frederick Webster, South Kortright, Cosmetology
• Joseph Wisniewski, Charlotte Valley, Welding
• Cheyanne Wyble, Stamford, New Visions Health Care Professions
• Dorothy Zeisler, Charlotte Valley, New Visions Pre-Engineering

At OAOC, inductees include:

• Shannon Brannigan, Laurens, Cosmetology
• Camillia Cimko, Laurens, Cosmetology
• Destiny Falconio, Oneonta, Cosmetology
• Courtney Keenan, Oneonta, Culinary Arts
• Michaela Lasher, Morris, Culinary Arts
• Megan Moxley, Laurens, Culinary Arts
• Jacob Wilson, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Culinary Arts
• Adam Agoglia, Oneonta, Engineering
• Benjamin Blacklock, Oneonta, Engineering
• Ian Bolin, Edmeston, Engineering
• Lindsay Brown, Cooperstown, Engineering
• Austin Plows, Edmeston, Engineering
• Gabrielle Bush, Milford, Health Care Professions
• Serena Chase, Milford, Health Care Professions
• Jennifer Colburn, Morris, Health Care Professions
• Rachel Greene, Edmeston, Health Care Professions
• Elizabeth Jacoby, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Health Care Professions
• Haleigh Johnson, Edmeston, Health Care Professions
• Megan Lohan, Cooperstown, Health Care Professions
• Karah Morton, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Health Care Professions
• Lia Solensten, Milford, Health Care Professions
• Megan Taylor, Worcester, Health Care Professions
• Casey Carr, Cooperstown, Health Occupations
• Caitlyn Juber, Milford, Health Occupations
• Emily Lincoln, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Health Occupations
• Casey Pashley, Cooperstown, Health Occupations
• Mickala Woodrow, Milford, Health Occupations
• Noah Armstrong, Oneonta, Information Technologies
• Matthew Benscoter, Oneonta, Information Technologies
• Lucas DeMay, Milford, Information Technologies
• Nichlas Gage, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Information Technologies
• Jonathan Miller, Oneonta, Information Technologies
• Katrina Rifenburgh, Worcester, Information Technologies
• Courtney Bateman, Edmeston, Visual Arts
• Mary Catella, Oneonta, Visual Arts
• Marcus Mosenson, Cherry Valley-Springfield, Visual Arts
• Eliya Pickwick, Milford, Visual Arts