In the area of illustration, students will learn about:

• Book Illustrations

• Magazine/Newspaper illustrations

• t-shirt/product illustrations

• Drawing from observation

• Experimenting with various materials

• Basic Drawing and Anatomy

• Black & White and color illustrations

Students will use various types of drawing and painting to create artwork that could be published in various media. Experimenting and learning new techniques are the key to obtaining new skills.  The students will also be able to create illustrations and artwork in areas of interest. 


Students interested in Fashion Design work to understand the human figure and how clothes fit on the figure. They:

• Explore ideas for Clothing Designs

• Create Apparel Designs

• Create Clothing samples

• Study anatomy and create realistic   


• Solve problems concerning designing 


• Look at what is current and past in 


The fashion design industry

Students interested in this field will work in a positive work atmosphere which allows them to be creative, and effective. They will learn the basics of anatomy for fashion design and work to crate a realistic sense and style.