Behavior Management

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules establish a predictable structure for students and promote greater productivity and learning in the classroom.  When developing rules keep in mind the following:

  • Rules should clearly state the expected behavior in a positive manner and should be aligned with OAOC Schoolwide Expectations.  (e.g. "Raise your hand to speak"  rather than "don't interrupt.")
  • Rules should be kept to a minimum to be effective, with 5 or 6 being the maximum number.  And whenever possible be created with the students who are in the classroom so that they have ownership.
  • Rules should be taught to the students using a direct instructional approach.   Discussion of what the behavior looks like and sounds like with examples should occur.
  • Rules should be clearly posted in the classroom where they are visible to both students and staff.
  • Consequences for compliance and noncompliance of the rules should be discussed and posted.
  • Consequences should be carried out consistently.
  • Reteach the rule when necessary.
Creating rules at the start of the school year that are used and monitored closely and effectively, decrease the amount of time spent on discipline in the classroom and increase the amount of time spent on instruction.