Periodicals Archive Online

A major electronic archive of over 700 digitized, full-image journal articles, Periodicals Archive Online offers unprecedented access to international, scholarly literature in the humanities and social sciences disciplines.

Ethnic Newswatch Complete

Ethnic NewsWatch™ (ENW) is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives. It may be combined with Ethnic NewsWatch: A History™ which provides historical coverage of Native American, African American, and Hispanic American periodicals from 1959-1989. Together, these resources present an unmatched, comprehensive, full-text collection of more than 2.5 million articles from over 330 publications.

SIRS® Government Reporter

A comprehensive student resource for the study of all aspects of U.S. Federal government. It contains thousands of full-text documents, summaries, and graphics covering a wide variety of topics including health, science, economics, environment, politics, foreign affairs, business, and industry.

ProQuest Technology Collection

Over 3,500 full text journals. Subject coverage includes: Aeronautics Biochemistry Biomechanics Civil engineering Computer science Earthquake engineering Electrical engineering Environmental engineering.

ProQuest Newsstand: (NYT, WSJ Current)

Includes the current editions of the NY Times, Wall Street Journals and hundreds of additional newspapers

History Vault: Struggle for Woman’s Rights

History Vault: Struggle for Women's Rights: 1880-1990 Organizational Records

ProQuest Central K12

ProQuest's largest and best K12 Journal Collection, delivers millions of articles from more than 4,600 full-text scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. All via the award-winning ProQuest search engine. With ProQuest Central K12, you get more of what you need to serve high school and college-prep level programs. Biology, Education, Computing, Science, Social Science, Research Library, Newsstand, Psychology, Religion.

ProQuest Central K12 w/ABI Research Bundle

Add 1230+ full-text business journals to ProQuest Central K12, ProQuest's largest K12 Journal Collection, delivers millions of articles from more than 4,600 full-text scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. All via the award-winning ProQuest search engine.

U.S. Hispanic Newspaper Collection

ProQuest U.S. Hispanic Newsstand is the largest collection of leading Hispanic newspapers available to libraries. With titles from around the U.S., including El Diario/LA PRENSA (New York City), La Opinión (Los Angeles), Conexión (San Antonio) and Extra (Chicago), U.S. Hispanic Newsstand provides local, regional, national, and international news from the Hispanic perspective.

ProQuest Central K12 w/ABI Global

Add 2495+ full-text business journals to ProQuest Central K12, ProQuest's largest K12 Journal Collection, delivers millions of articles from more than 4,600 full-text scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. All via the award-winning ProQuest search engine.

ProQuest AP Science, now with Biology Journals

"ProQuest AP Science delivers a comprehensive collection of more than 500 magazines and journals designed to support advanced placement and college-prep level science studies in earth, life, physical, medical, and applied sciences. Coverage is front-to-back full-text, as well as full-page image and Text+Graphics™ to reproduce images and diagrams exactly as they appeared in the original publication. Now includes Biology Journals. See also PQ Central K12.

ProQuest Environmental Science Collection

Over 1,100 leading full-text journals from around the world are included as well as over 4,000 full-text government reports and over 1.2 million digitized pages from over 1,700 Environmental Impact Statements.

American Periodicals Series Online™ (APS Online)

Includes digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century. Titles range from Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine and America's first scientific journal, Medical Repository; popular magazines such as Vanity Fair and Ladies' Home Journal; regional and niche publications; and groundbreaking journals like The Dial, Puck, and McClure's. APS Online chronicles the development of America across 150 years. The journals in this collection cover three broad periods:

Best of ProQuest: Common Core 4

Save an extra 10% on 4 key resources that support the new Common Core standards. Bundle of eLibrary, CultureGrams, SIRS Issues Researcher, and eBooks (choice of either 9,000 or 80,000 ebooks): School and Educators Complete or Academic Complete

Statistical Abstract of the U.S. 2013

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the best-known statistical reference publication in the country, and perhaps, the world. As a comprehensive collection of statistics on the social, political, and economic conditions of the United States.

Statistical Tables Online

ProQuest Statistical Insight provides line-item access to over 1,000,000 individually indexed tables selected from the major statistical compilations and special studies issued by the federal government, private research firms, state governments, and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). Up to 130,000 new tables are added yearly. All tables are available as images. Since 2006, all tables have been available in both image and Excel formats.


The perfect general reference resource for delivering essentials. Researchers find the answers they need from more than 2,500 full-text magazines, newspapers, books, websites and transcripts, plus thousands of maps, pictures, web links, and audio/video files. Now comes with ProQuest Lit Learning.

History Vault: Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century II

The Second Black Freedom Struggle module is comprised of 36 collections of personal papers and organizational records, including those of Claude A. Barnett, the founder of the Associated Negro Press, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

ProQuest Education Journals

ProQuest's largest education collection delivers more than 600 magazine and journal titles with nearly 100% full-text for the continuing professional and educational development of teachers and administrators.

Historic NY Times 1851-2008

The Historical NY Times makes the entire back file (1851-2008) of The New York Times available in full-page images. This database contains 3.5 million pages of primary source documents to support all areas of school curriculum and standards achievement. Now includes the Hartford Courant 1764-1987


Helps you and your students discover the world with concise cultural and statistical snapshots of every country recognized by the United Nations -- from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

ebrary Schools and Educators Complete

Subscribe to over 9,000 ebooks in the following disciplines: Education, History, Language, Literature, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sciences, Social Sciences, Study Guides.

History Study Center

Brings together, in one place, a variety of resources for students, including reference materials, images (photographs and illustrations, video and interactive maps), primary source documents, web sites and study units.

ebrary Books Purchase

Virtual Library: Over 300,000 titles available for permanent access/purchase. Available in single access and multi access price points. Customize your collection for teachers and students.

History Vault: NAACP Papers

ProQuest® History Vault’s NAACP Papers 1 will provide the first electronic access to files from the group’s Board of Directors and Annual Conferences, as well as text of major speeches and national staff records.

History Vault: Vietnam

ProQuest History Vault: Vietnam consists of collections on the Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy from 1960–1975. It covers U.S. involvement in the region from the early days of the Kennedy administration, through the escalation of the war during the Johnson administration, to the final resolution of the war at the Paris Peace Talks and the evacuation of U.S. troops in 1973. Documents in this module trace the actions and decisions at the highest levels in U.S. foreign policy, as well as events on the ground in Vietnam, from the perspective of State Department officials, Associated Press reporters, and members of the U.S. armed forces, including the Marines and the Military Assistance Command Vietnam.

Research Library w/Career & Tech

ProQuest Research Library's extensive online collection provides one-stop access to more than 6,100 scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers—with more than 4,600 titles in full text. Now with Career and Tech. (Consider upgrade to ProQuest Central K12)

Best of ProQuest: Junior High or Middle School Bundle

Save an extra 5% on the bundle that best supports Junior High or Middle School research. eLibrary, CultureGrams, SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Knowledge Source (SKS Bundle)

SIRS Knowledge Source (SKS) Contains SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Government Reporter, SIRS Renaissance, and SIRS Webselect

History Vault: Southern Life & Afro-American History

History Vault: Southern Life and African-American History: 1775-1915 Palntation Records Part 1

Literature Online

Contains a full library of up-to-date, fully searchable criticism and reference resources in addition to the full text of poetry, drama, and prose fiction from the seventh century to the present day. It not only provides the materials for the historical study of almost every period and genre of literature in English but also features increasing numbers of works by the major authors of the twentieth century. Contemporary criticism is available through the full text of over 320 current literature journals that can be accessed through the renowned literary index, Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL), which contains over 950,000 records of literary criticism from 1920 to current.

ProQuest NY Business Bundle (formerly WALDO pkg)

Includes ABI Complete, Research Library, Newspapers Premier, Black Newspapers, Health Management, Psychology Journals, Education Journals, Social Science Journals

SIRS Issues Research & Discoverer Bundle

Contains SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer


Enhances gender and women's studies, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) research by providing authoritative perspectives from 1970 to present. This resource offers over 300 titles (HS recommendation only)

SIRS WebSelect

"Webselect is an online database of carefully selected, reliable and credible Internet resources on vital issues and topics, carefully monitored by SIRS to ensure quality and accessibility. Each site includes a summary as well as subject heading and topic assignments. "

eLibrary Elementary

Enables K-5 students to search across more than 38 reference books, 100 plus hours of audio/video content, 400,000 pictures and images, 4,000 maps, more than 100 children’s magazines, including Ranger Rick, Cobblestone and Sports Illustrated for Kids, and thousands of articles and transcripts from more than a dozen newspapers, TV and radio outlets.

SIRS Issues Researcher

CODiE Award Winner 2011: Best Social Science research database. Now also covering 10 World Conflicts...SIRS ISSUES Researcher provides Pro/Con viewpoints and analysis in an online reference database containing more than 300 Leading Issues AND thousands of carefully selected full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, political and global issues.

Historical NY Times and Current Newsstand Bundle

Bundle contains Historic NY Times and Current NY Times, Wall Street Journal and hundreds of additional current newspapers. Exclusive access to WSJ, LA Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune

ebrary Teachers Education Bundle

Over 3500 ebooks covering various topics on education. Great for classroom applications or for Masters or Doctoral studies. Incl: Administration, Adult & Continuing Education, Counseling & Career Guidance, Distance Education, & E-Learning, Early..etc
Sponsored by ONC BOCES SLS

NY Direct: PQ Discovery, KidQuest, Career & Tech

"ProQuest Direct (ProQuest Discovery) is an affordable, general reference package for all grade levels that includes over 3,410 titles, with more than 2,350 in full text. Detailed information on popular topics including the arts, business, education, literature, politics, and psychology, as well as hundreds of popular and children's titles. Now includes Career and Tech Journals.

ProQuest Environmental Science & Pollution Management

Environmental Science & Pollution Management This multidisciplinary database, provides unparalleled and comprehensive coverage of the environmental sciences. Abstracts and citations are drawn from over 10,000 serials including scientific journals.

ProQuest Science Journals

With coverage dating back to 1986, ProQuest Science Journals features over 1,600 titles—with more than 1,270 available in full text. In full-text format, researchers have access to all the charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical.

SIRS Issues Researcher & Renaissance Bundle

Contains SIRS Issues Researcher and SIRS Renaissance

History Vault: Black Freedom II Struggle in the 20th Century I

The first two modules of ProQuest History Vault cover the breadth of The Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century from the perspective of the men, women, and sometimes even children, who waged one of the most inspiring social movements in American history. Spanning from the founding of the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs at the close of the 19th century to the riots that followed the verdict in the Rodney King police brutality case in the last decade of the 20th century, the first Black Freedom Struggle module consists of 37 collections of records from federal government agencies.

360 Search by SerialsSolutions

Provide a simple and proven starting point for research.  A single query combs all resources at once. When you put 360 Search on your Website you can make holdings available anytime and anywhere.

Alt-Press Watch

Showcases unique, independent voices from some of our nation's most respected and cited grassroots newspapers, magazines, and journals.  The database features over 670,000 articles from more than 230 full-text publications.

Ancestry Library Edition

Distributed exclusively by ProQuest and powered by, delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more.  Ancestry Library Edition brings the world's most popular consumer online genealogy resource to your library.

Civil War Era journals

ProQuest Civil War Era is the resource American history scholars have been waiting for--comprehensive primary source materials that were previously unavailable digitally, cover a vase range of topics including the formative economic factors and other forces that led to the abolitionist movement, the 600,000 battle casualties, and the emancipation of nearly 4 million slaves.

eLibrary Science

eLibrary Science delivers a comprehensive curriculum and reference resource designed to support the study of earth, life, physical, medical, and applied sciences.  It provides thousands of authoritative multimedia files and manipulative and interactive tools.

HeritageQuest Online

Discover the amazing history of you with HeritageQuest Online.  It delivers an essential collection of genealogical and historical sources with coverage dating back to the 1700s that can help people find their ancestors and discover a place's past.

Historic News Core Collection

4-paper bundle includes: Wall Street Journal 1889-1994, Washington Post 1877-1995, Los Angeles Times 1881-1988, Christian Science Monitor 1908-1998.

Historic News National Collection

17-paper bundle includes: Wall Street Journal 1889-1994, Washington Post 1877-1995, Los Angeles Times 1881-1988, Christian Science Monitor 1908-1998, Boston Globe 1872-1981, Hartford Courant 1764-1986, San Francisco Chronicle 1865-1922