Lincoln Library

Lincoln Library
FactCite: Mythology Online
Winner of an EDDIE for middle school language arts and with audio read-along and Easy-Reading versions of key entries, database includes Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, heroes, and places. Egyptian, Norse, Mesopotamian, Persian, and other world mythologies. llustrations include great works of art, scientific images, and line drawings. Multidisciplinary approach.
FactCite: Biographies 4-database bundle Essential Biographies (formerly Sports Champions, Shapers of Society, and World Biography) plus Biography for Beginners. Includes audio read-along. Thousands of biographies of historic and contemporary figures, with capability to search across all databases.
FactCite: 2-database American History Bundle Combines American History and Defining Moments in U.S. History (34 modules, with 2 added each year); supports New York State social studies curriculum.
FactCite: Defining Moments NEW for 2015-16 "Recommended" by ARBA Online for middle and high schools. Presents authoritative accounts of major moments in history, from the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the events of September 11. Based on the acclaimed print series from Omnigraphics, Defining Moments provides a user-friendly resource for anyone researching these fascinating events and movements. Supports New York State social studies curriculum. Features: • Narrative essays — perfect for Common Core nonfiction close-reading assignments • Hundreds of primary source documents and illustrations • Biographies • Thoroughly indexed
FactCite 1-2-3! FactCite 1-2-3! for primary grade researchers: eight modules include biographies, mythology, animals, the planets, elements, the solar system, U.S. states, and countries. Simple screen designs, audio read-along, accessible text, illustrated.
FactCite: Essential Information Authoritative and comprehensive database. Great place to jump-start research. Covers most areas of the curriculum, including world and American literature, world and American history, government and government documents, physical sciences and more.
Complete FactCite Online Middle/High School Bundle FactCite was named "Best Overall Reference K-12." Bundle includes the complete collection of resource databases: Biography for Beginners, Essential Biographies (Sports Champs, Shapers of Society, World Biography), Mythology, American History, Defining Moments, Science, Essential Information, and Countries and Cultures.
FactCite: Lincoln Library Science Illustrated coverage of the Elements, Planets, Ecosystems, Animals, and Plants. For grades 4 to 9.
FactCite: Lincoln Library Online 4-database Elementary School Bundle Collection of 4 resource databases for elementary researchers from grade 3. Indexed, illustrated, with capability to search across all databases. Includes Biography for Beginners, Mythology, American History, and Science.
FactCite: American History Online More than 6,000 illustrated articles of people, places, and events in American History. Includes American Indians, eras in American history, and comprehensive section on U.S. states. New York State history, notable historic figures, and timelines.

FactCite: Essential Biographies Online
Formerly three databases: Sports Champions, Shapers of Society, and World Biography. Includes 10,000+ biographies, with 750 sports champions, 100 notable historic figures (with primary source documents), and famous people from around the world. Includes audio read-along. Capability to search across all databases.
FactCite: Lincoln Library Online 4-database bundle Select any four databases (see descriptions below) with capability to search across all databases. NOTE: BUNDLE MAY NOT INCLUDE Defining Moments or Essential Information.
FactCite Elementary School "Step-Up" Bundle Collection of 5 resource databases for elementary researchers: FactCite 123!, Biography for Beginners, Mythology, Science, and American History. Indexes, illustrated, with capability to "Step up" from 2nd grade reading level to an entry on the same topic at a higher reading level.
FactCite: Countries and Cultures Comprehensive coverage of the countries of the world, illustrated. Supports research for country reports and activities such as Model UN and debate. Sections include curated weblinks for further study.
FactCite: Biography for Beginners Online Grades 3 through 8. 740 biographies with audio read-along: human rights activists, U.S. presidents, explorers, authors, inventors, notable African-Americans, women, and people from Colonial America and the Revolutionary War eras. Based on acclaimed Biography for Beginners print series. Updated regularly. Indexes by topic, place of birth, and Lexile.