Flocabulary Digital Subscription
Flocabulary builds core academic vocabulary through a web-based library of almost 5,000 videos, activities, formative assessments and interactive writing platforms. All content is standards-aligned and covers grades K-12.
Flocabulary Webinar Participants are led through a customized one-hour training and onboarding session. This interactive experience engages teachers with strategies to implement Flocabulary in their classrooms. Webinar recording included.
Flocabulary On-Site Professional Development A full day of in-person, engaging sessions, tailored to the needs of your district. Trainings run 90 to 120 minutes, and multiple sessions can be scheduled for specific content areas or grade levels.
Writing Rhymes for Academic Purpose Workshop A 3-hour, in-person workshop that guides teachers through the Flocab rhyme-writing formula and gives them the tools and confidence to lead intensive, cross-curricular rhyme-writing projects to help students master key terms, facts, and concepts.