SLS Council

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Meeting Dates  2016 -2017  3:30 PM - 5:00 PM @ Center Street Office, Oneonta, NY
       October 3, 2016
       December 16, 2016
       March 16, 2017
       May 10, 2017

SLS Council Members

Jessica Ewing
School Librarian
Mary Lynn Bensen       Academic Reference/ Instruction Librarian
Julia Iannello          School Librarian
Stephanie Hazzard
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Pamela Clarke School Librarian
Maria Johnson  School Librarian
Michelle Hitchcock School Librarian
Janet Wenner School Librarian
Patricia Moore School Librarian
Coleen Lewis    Principal
Julia Corrice Digital Librarian - Regional Library Council
Sarah Livingston Public Librarian
Eileen Coryat                         Coordinator of School Library System